Everything tastes better right at the top!

Mountain air makes hungry. Travelling as well. And there comes a restful break right on cue.

Our special and unique rest area is located directly at the mountain pass road and can hardly be overlooked - door’s always open for those who are on the road, no matter why and where.

But stopping at the Passhöhe 1013 is not just having a break, it’s about being spoiled. An open and affable team gives you a warm welcome and does its very best to make your break comfortable, restful and completely joyous.

And how do we manage that? The answer is easy: With food. Good food.

We just interpreted the term Fast Food in new way. Best local products ensure maximum enjoyment. We create traditional, simple and honest meals that are worth the money and will make any hungry human being happy. And we’re quite fast. Because when you’re on the road, nothing is more annoying than waiting. And are not you when you’re hungry.

We just love to indulge our guests with homemade quiches, delicious crispy sandwiches, crunchy salads, coffee, cakes and warm pastries all day long.

We have some really nice souvenirs here, maybe you will bring some for those at home. Don’t forget to try and buy our Hay schnapps. You preferably wrap up a bottle and drink at home to your eventful and nice day.

Sinnvoll Gastro.


Passhöhe 1013
Brünig 645
CH-3860 Brünig

033 522 13 23

Opening hours

9am - 5pm

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